How do you resolve the financial concerns that keep you up at night?


You know you make good money, but you know you could be doing more to achieve your goals. You just don't know what you don't know and you prefer not to leave cash on the table. 

You’re tired of trying to figure out on your own, and you could use a second opinion from an advisor.  

You’re not sure how to prioritize among your competing financial goals.

You’re ready to buy a house but you don’t want the bank to tell you how much house you can buy — you want to KNOW exactly what you can afford.  

Nobody wants to be stuck in their current financial position, but how do you break out and make a change?

What if I told you that you could have financial clarity after our deep-dive session? You’ll know the exact next steps you need to take to achieve your prioritized goals. You’ll have a step-by-step plan to follow. And you’ll be able to see and understand where each dollar is going.  

How would having financial clarity change your future? Would you get peace of mind that you are on the right track? Or maybe you’d find that with a few tweaks you could minimize debt, taxes, and increase your savings? Or maybe you’d just feel more secure in your financial future? 

Welcome to the Financial Clarity Intensive

A eureka session that will take you from where you are today to knowing the next step to building wealth your way. 

We cut two years off her debt repayment...

A single woman in her 30’s was overwhelmed by credit card debt and tired of figuring out a plan on her own. She reached out to me to assist her in crafting an action plan to eliminate her debt FASTER. I gathered information regarding her income, goals, and expenses, and was able to develop action steps to help her get out of debt faster while building a stable financial foundation. We cut 2 years off her debt schedule and $21k in interest costs. 

Start where you are... end with a wealth-building blueprint.

Before our call, this process starts with:

  • You complete a goal clarity workbook 
  • You provide a list of your current & planned expenses + a list of what you own & what you owe
  • We review your materials and craft a draft of our recommendations to discuss with you

Then, in the two-hour session (via Zoom), we’ll go over:

  • Advice and strategies to optimize your money
  • Your top financial goal(s) and how to prioritize them
  • Your personalized cash flow strategy
  • Your personalized debt repayment strategy (if applicable)  

After our call you’ll receive:  

  • A summary email with action items
  • 180-days access to cashflow and debt-management tools (if applicable) 

We solved this couple’s competing financial goals...

A couple in their 30’s wanted to figure out which of their various financial goals to tackle first and where to put the extra effort. They were weighing building an emergency fund, paying-off student loans, saving for large expenditures (house, children), and how much they could afford to invest. I was able to help them figure out how to structure their cash flow to support their goals. We trimmed out some excess from their budget and found an additional $1500/month to support their various goals. They left with instant clarity on what to execute and a list of action steps to help them reach their objectives. 

Hi! I’m Kaya Ladejobi, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and your Wealth-Building Guide. I created my practice to help busy professionals achieve success with their financial and life goals. 

I started my career in finance 14 years ago and I’ve enjoyed helping people on their wealth journey. My passion is to provide the same duty of care, service, and expertise to Gen X & Y professionals who are still growing their income and wealth. I want to help you build to that million or multi-million dollar net-worth. 

Access to a CFP and Fiduciary shouldn’t just be for those who have investable assets of $500k or more. Get the advice you need now and start achieving your life goals.  

Stop waiting for the “right time” to build wealth.  

You’re right for Financial Clarity if:

  • You want a one-time deep dive into your financial situation that actually answers your questions.
  • You’re ready to work with an expert to figure out what you should be doing with your money and what you should NOT be doing.
  • You’re motivated to take action when given recommendations.
  • You’re ready to take the reins yourself and stop letting your money make the decisions.
  • You can handle direct feedback as long as it helps you get what you want.
  • Your finances aren't complex (one source of income per person, no stock compensation, debts of $100k or less)
  • You earn less than $150k/yr as an individual or less than $200k/yr as a couple and you have no/minimal investment accounts.

If you don’t take your financial future seriously, no one else will.  

Waiting for the perfect moment is hurting you. You need time to let compounding build your net worth. You need to know what goals you actually want to achieve and the steps to get there. You have competing financial priorities that need to be figured out before it’s too late!  

Do you want to keep wrestling with your financial concerns on your own?

  • Letting your money in and out of your account without direction?
  • Telling yourself that you’ll get to this “later?” 
  • Pushing this off until you make more money? 
  • Wondering if you'll have the funds to do the things you promised yourself or your loved ones? 

If you’re ready to step up and make your money a priority instead of an afterthought, book your call today! 

Individual - $1500

Family - $2000

Business Owner - $2500

Individual - $1500

 Family - $2000

 Business Owner - $2500

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the session?  

30 mins (fine-tuning your goals), 60 mins (walk-through your mini-plan), 30 mins (lightning round for you to ask and get answers to your questions)

What if I need more help after this session? We can see if you are a good fit for our full-service on-going package. But generally, we recommend the financial clarity plan only for those who want one-time help that they can implement on their own.

When and how will the session take place?  

Financial Clarity Sessions are conducted on select fridays each month and time-slot options are 9-11am, Noon-2pm, 3-5pm. You'll be informed of the next available dates once you book your session. Generally, we need a minimum of 5 business days with all your required materials before we can meet with you to deliver recommendations. All meetings are conducted via Zoom and we recommend you use a computer for optimal screen-sharing.  

Can we have the Financial Clarity Session outside of the select Fridays? 

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate these sessions outside of the times and day of the week we assign to this service. Please only purchase a session if you know you can meet with us virtually, during the day and on a friday. The rest of our calendar is reserved for our on-going client services. We may charge a meeting cancellation fee of $150 for any meeting canceled within 48 hours of your scheduled time. 

Is there a payment plan? 

Yes, there are two payment options for each tier and you will be shown both at check-out. The one-time payment is the cheapest. The installment plan allows the payment to be split into two and paid one month apart. Bear in mind that the installment plan costs more due to the credit risk we are assuming. We are unable to accommodate any other options besides this as this time.